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COM 537 Week 6 Communication Plan Final Proposal

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COM 537 Week 6 Communication Plan Final Proposal -

Learning Team Assignment Communication Plan Final Proposal

Write a persuasive proposal submission of no more than 700 words to the CEO of Best Game Productions. Complete the following in your persuasive proposal submission:

• Describe the project in terms the CEO can understand. Consider the

CEO’s perspective, needs, and style of communication.

• Use persuasive communication to convince the CEO to take your suggested approach to solve Best Game Productions’ dilemma. The

CEO must perceive the project as something the company needs.

• Consider the noise that will detract the CEO from fully receiving your message, and construct your communication to address or avoid that noise.

• Create two tools to measure the effectiveness of your consultant communications. In designing these tools, consider who the audience of the tools will be and how to generate the most honest and objective feedback possible.

• Discuss how you will use the tools that you created to measure your effectiveness in the organization. Who will you ask to complete the tools, and how will you present the tools to the audience? What methods will you use to avoid bias in the feedback process? How will you use the feedback you receive to evaluate and improve your effectiveness as a consultant?

• Consider why the company is pursuing a solution and why it is pursuing it now.

• Consider the company’s customers.

• Communicate the solution that you have selected for Best Game


Create a 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes, for the decision makers at Best Game Productions. Address the following in your presentation:

• The project background

• The deliverables (what you are going to do for them)

• The methodology (how you are going to accomplish it)

• The outcome (what you will achieve for them)

• The metrics used for evaluation (how you will measure success)

Format your paper and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.