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ECO 561 Week 2 Market Equilibration Process Paper

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ECO 561 Week 2 Market Equilibration Process Paper -

Individual Assignment - Market Equilibration Process Paper

Equilibration is the process of moving between two equilibrium points as a result of some change in supply or demand. Understanding how market equilibrium is sought following such a change is essential for business managers. It is important to understand how economic principles, and specifically supply, demand, and their determents are a part of your everyday business decisions.

Write a paper, or create a PowerPoint presentation using a real world experience in a free market (not government regulated) to describe a change that occurred in supply or demand as a result of world events that led to the need for a move between two equilibrium states. Explain the process of how that movement occurred using behaviors of consumers and suppliers. Graph the movement between the two

points as well.

Required Elements:

• Include academic research to support your ideas

• Consider the Law of demand and the determinants of demand

• Consider the Law of supply and the determinants of supply

• Describe Efficient markets theory

• Explain Surplus and shortage

• Deliver the content in no more than a 700-word paper, OR 7- to 10- slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation (Please choose one of these choices, not both)

• Use University of Phoenix Material: Appendix A to create graphs illustrating the movement between the two equilibrium points and include this in the body of the assignment.

• Your assignment is consistent with APA guidelines.

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