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FIN 571 Week 6 Quiz

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FIN 571 Week 6 Quiz -

Multiple Choice Question 55      

Planning models that are more sophisticated than the percent of sales method have

  • working capital accounts like inventory, accounts receivables, and accounts payables vary directly with sales.
  • fixed assets that do not always vary directly with sales.
  • all of these are true.
  • all variable costs change directly with sales.


Multiple Choice Question 66      

Firms that achieve higher growth rates without seeking external financing

  • have less equity and/or are able to generate high net income leading to a high ROE.
  • are not highly leveraged.
  • all of these are true.
  • have a high plowback ratio.


Multiple Choice Question 85

External financing needed: Triumph Company has total assets worth $6,413,228. Next year it expects a net income of $3,145,778 and will pay out 70 percent as dividends. If the firm wants to limit its external financing to $1 million, what is the growth rate it can support?

  • 6.4%
  • 30.3%
  • 26.5%
  • 32.9%