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HIS 301 Week 4 Quiz

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HIS 301 Week 4 Quiz -

1. Based on Planned Parenthood of Pennsylvania v. Casey, which of the following governmental conditions imposes an undue burden on a woman’s right to choose an abortion?  

  • spousal consent     
  • informed consent
  • parental consent for underage persons with a judicial bypass procedure
  • waiting period of 24 hours between consent and the procedure


2. If a broadcast journalist reports false information about a non-public figure, thereby resulting in damages to a victim, what would this illustrate?      

  • libel    
  • slander          
  • reporter’s privilege
  • shield law


3. Between 1963 and 1990, which standard of review was used by the Court to evaluate free exercise claims?   

  • neutrality test
  • Lemon test
  • rational basis test
  • strict scrutiny


4. Which case (majority opinion) adopted the “bad tendency” test as a means for resolving disputes involving the freedom of speech?  

  • Virginia v. Hicks
  • Schenck v. United States
  • Brandenburg v. Ohio
  • Gitlow v. New York


5. If a professor at a public school imposes a policy barring students from wearing all types of hats in the classroom, this would most appropriately be labeled as a _________?              

  • ban on protected speech
  • neutral law that may impact students’ expression
  • content-based limitation on political speech
  • regulation of protected speech


6. Each of the following is a standard under the Lemon test EXCEPT: 

  • law must give equal access to all religions
  • law must have a secular purpose
  • law must not foster an excessive entanglement
  • law’s primary effect must neither advance nor inhibit religion


7. Which Supreme Court Justice has made it known he would like to review restrictions on commercial speech under strict scrutiny analysis?              

  • Antonin Scalia
  • David Souter
  • John Paul Stevens
  • Clarence Thomas


8. Which view of the Establishment Clause would allow greater interplay between government and religion?      

  • conscientious theory
  • separationist view
  • high-wall theory
  • accommodationist view


9. Which of the following is NOT considered to be a current mode of analysis used by the Court to review alleged violations of the Establishment Clause?

  • non-denominational test
  • Lemon test
  • endorsement test
  • coercion test


10. Which case addresses so-called partial-birth abortions?       

  • Gonzalez v. Carhart
  • Webster v. Reproductive Health Services
  • Planned Parenthood v. Casey
  • Roe v. Wade