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LDR 535 Week 1 Complete

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LDR 535 Week 1 Complete -

DQ 1.What is the connection between leadership approaches and the success of change efforts?  How, as a consultant, do you recognize your role of the leader in a change initiative, involvement, and how to measure the effect of that involvement?

DQ 2.Who is responsible for leadership during organizational change? How might the style of those leading change affect the organizational change?

Individual Assignment Leadership Theories Worksheet

Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Leadership Theories with the following information:

• Identify five leadership theories.

• Describe the strengths of each leadership theory.

• Describe the weaknesses of each leadership theory.

• Provide an example of an appropriate application of each theory in the workplace.

• Provide an example of an inappropriate application of each theory in the workplace.

• Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.