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MGT 521 Week 2 Complete

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MGT 521 Week 2 Complete -

DQ1. Who are the stakeholders in your workplace or in a company with which you are familiar? What are their wants and needs? How does management meet their needs? What difficulties arise in balancing the needs of various stakeholders?

DQ2. What are some potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats a business should consider in a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis? How can a business benefit from gathering this information?

DQ3. What factors should you consider in determining an organization’s goals? How would you decide which strategic and operational plans to use to achieve your goals?

DQ4. The three main types of corporate strategies can be used successfully in many different situations. Which type of corporate strategy would best meet the goals of your workplace or one with which you are familiar? Why?

Weekly Summary

Post a short summary of what you have learned this week.

Functional Areas of Business Paper

You have decided to pursue an MBA degree either to further your career, start a new career, or achieve a personal goal. In this program, you will study the functional areas of business.

Use the MBA Overview and Effective Research and Writing at University of Phoenix Modules you reviewed to complete this assignment.

Write a paper that analyzes the role of a manager within the functional areas of business:

Required elements:

  • No more than1050 words
  • Two articles, including at least one peer-reviewed article, from the University Library cited in your paper to support your writing
  • Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Personal Professional Development Plan Activity: Part 3

Navigate to the My Career Plan in Phoenix Career Services.

Complete the Career Plan Building Activity: Reasoning Aptitude in My Career Plan.

Review the Reasoning Aptitude results page.   

  • Add tips to your career plan by selecting the opportunities tab and click the "tips" next to the competency you want to add to your career plan. 
  • Click the My Career Plan tab on top of your page to view your populated career plan. 

Submit a screen shot of your Reasoning Aptitude results. 

  • Press Print Screen on your keyboard to create a screenshot.
  • Open a new document in Microsoft® Word.
  • Press Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste the screenshot into the document.
  • Save the document on your computer as Reasoning Aptitude. 

Complete Part 3 of the Personal Professional Development Plan Activity: in the Microsoft® Excel® worksheet.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Individual Assignment - Week Two Knowledge Check

Complete the Week Two Knowledege Check.