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MGT 527 Week 5 Consulting Project Plan a Part II

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MGT 527 Week 5 Consulting Project Plan a Part II -

Individual Assignment - Consulting Project Plan a Part Two

Resource: University of Phoenix Material: Consulting Project Plan.

Create a 700-800 word feedback plan for the organization you selected for your Consulting Plan Project.

Refer to "Checklist #7. Planning a Feedback Meeting" in Ch. 14 of

Flawless Consulting: A Guide to Getting Your Expertise Used.

Include the following in your feedback plan:

• Communication plan

• Types of communications you plan to use, such as status reports, status meetings, any regulatory required reports, conference calls, and awareness building plans

• Frequency of communication

• Tools necessary to meet communication and feedback commitments

• Feedback meeting plan

• Purpose of the meeting

• Stakeholders you would include in the meeting

• Structure of the meeting

• Brief overview of the feedback: presenting problem and real problem

• Questions prepared to anticipate and reveal resistance

• Strategies to get feedback from stakeholders on satisfaction with the consultation

• Tools necessary for the feedback meeting

• Write in third person

• Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.