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MGT 538 Week 2 Complete

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MGT 538 Week 2 Complete -

DQ 1.Deresky discusses the five stages of negotiations: preparation, relationship -building, exchanging task-related information, persuasion, and concessions and agreement.

Do these necessarily all have to occur for successful negotiations to take place?  Which one(s) of these can be most challenging or valuable?

DQ 2.Cass Presents some interesting (and varying) profiles of negotiators and negotiation styles across regions... How do you handle two different cultures with two different negotiation styles coming together within the negotiations process?

DQ 3.Identify and discuss the variables in the negotiation process. Explain the affect that disregard for these variables can have on the negotiation process and why. Do you believe that each variable is equally important?

DQ 4.Explain how reward systems can vary between countries and within cultures. How would consultants use this knowledge to enhance the success of their cultural awareness pursuits?

Individual Assignment Cultural Orientation Training

Resources: Completed Communicative Styles Comparison Worksheet,

Cultural Orientation Training- Scenario, and Cultural Orientation

Training - Template.

Review the Cultural Orientation Training - Scenario.

Select an organization that meets the criteria outlined in the Cultural

Orientation Training - Scenario.

Research culturally appropriate communicative styles and business ethics prevalent in your chosen country and in the United States.

Review the website, annual report, and other relevant information for your chosen organization

Complete the Cultural Orientation Training - Template.

Run your assignment through Turnitin.

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