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MGT 538 Week 6 Complete

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MGT 538 Week 6 Complete -

DQ 1.As we near the end of the course, what are your final thoughts about this course?  What do you feel will be most helpful to you in the future?

DQ 2.Welcome to week 6!  Recognize that you are finalizing your own training plan.  What, if anything, has 'clicked' for you during this process?  What do you feel needs to be clarified within the development process?

Learning Team Discussion

Considering the last five weeks, what is the value of the cultural training plan? How do you feel companies should best utilize this tool within operations?

Note: Discussion only, no summary is required. Posts within all learning team discussions do not count toward participation.

Individual Assignment Cultural Awareness Plan Part II

Resources: The completed Cultural Awareness Plan - Preparation;

Cultural Awareness Plan - Scenario; and the Cultural Awareness Plan -


Complete the Cultural Awareness Plan - Template.

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you outline a training plan suitable for presenting to leaders of your chosen organization. Include the following criteria:

• Explain how meeting the cultural awareness goals will help to enable the organization to meet its strategic goals.

• Summarize the main issues emphasized by your research.

• Explain the how the training program will address the issues.

• Describe several possible solutions, excluding the training program that will help employees from all cultures represented in the chosen organization communicate and work more smoothly together.

• Explain how you will assess the effectiveness of the cultural awareness plan.

Include a minimum of 10 slides and appropriate speaker's notes.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment and Turnitin report.