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MGT 538 Week 6 Cultural Awareness Plan Part II

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MGT 538 Week 6 Cultural Awareness Plan Part II -

Individual Assignment Cultural Awareness Plan Part II

Resources: The completed Cultural Awareness Plan - Preparation;

Cultural Awareness Plan - Scenario; and the Cultural Awareness Plan -


Complete the Cultural Awareness Plan - Template.

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you outline a training plan suitable for presenting to leaders of your chosen organization. Include the following criteria:

• Explain how meeting the cultural awareness goals will help to enable the organization to meet its strategic goals.

• Summarize the main issues emphasized by your research.

• Explain the how the training program will address the issues.

• Describe several possible solutions, excluding the training program that will help employees from all cultures represented in the chosen organization communicate and work more smoothly together.

• Explain how you will assess the effectiveness of the cultural awareness plan.

Include a minimum of 10 slides and appropriate speaker's notes.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment and Turnitin report.