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MGT 567 Week 1 Ethics Self-Assessments and Evaluation

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MGT 567 Week 1 Ethics Self-Assessments and Evaluation -


Complete the following Self-Assessments located in the textbook:

Ch. 2:

• Self-Assessment: 2.1: Brief Calling Scale (BCS)

• Self-Assessment: 2.2: Preferred Rolls

Ch. 3:

• Self-Assessment: 3.1: Moral Sensitivity Scenarios

• Self-Assessment: 3.2: Key Self-Knowledge Questions

Write a 350- to 700-word self-evaluation. Be sure to include the following:

• Discuss how decision making affects social and ethical considerations.

• Evaluate personal ethical development as it relates to your work or an organization you would like to work for.

• Discuss how the results of your self-assessments support or contradict your personal ideas about yourself.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Supporting Material: Organizational Ethics, Ch. 2Organizational Ethics,

Ch. 3Ethics Self-Assessment & Evaluation Grading Guide