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PSYCH 540 Week 2 Research Project Literature Review

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PSYCH 540 Week 2 Research Project Literature Review -

Using the University of Phoenix Library or other scholarly resources, locate the required number of peer-reviewed journal articles reporting on research studies that were conducted in relation to your selected issue. The number of required peer-reviewed journal articles is the number of members in your team. Thus, if you have 5 team members, the team need to review 5 articles; if there are 3 team members, the team needs to review 3 articles. Each review should be a minimum of 600 words.

Thus, there should be 3-5 separate reviews, with each review of an

aricle addressing the following items:

(1) Summarize the research question (s) or hypothesis (hypotheses) of the study reported in the article.

(2) Summarize the design of the study: the population sample, the methods, and the procedures used in the study.

(3) Summarize the method of data analysis used in the study.

(4) Summarize the major findings/results of the study.

(5) Identify the limitations of the study.

(6) Evaluate the comprehensiveness of the research.

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