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PSYCH 540 Week 3 Research Project Descriptive Method Design

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PSYCH 540 Week 3 Research Project Descriptive Method Design -

Utilizing descriptive research methods, design a research study for the issue that you selected for your Research Projects and write a research article reporting on your study as if you had actually conducted it.

• Your paper, citations, and reference list need to be formatted properly in APA format.


As a part of your research study be sure to address the following items:

• a. State your research question that the study answered.

• b. Describe your sample population in detail (selection method, size, composition, any incentives offered, etc.).

• c. Describe the descriptive method(s) that you selected to utilize in your research study and explain why you selected these methods.

Describe fully your procedures and data collection methods.

• d. Describe how you analyzed your data and speculate on your expected outcome(s) of the study.

There is no word count for this assignment. It will be graded based on comprehensiveness and thoroughness in creating a scholarly/professional report of your descriptive methodology study you created within your group imagination AND the coherence and cohesiveness of all the elements in the study (meaning, it all fits together as one study). Use APA format for structure of the paper, citations, and reference list.

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