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PSYCH 540 Week 6 Trend Article Analys

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PSYCH 540 Week 6 Trend Article Analys -

Using the University of Phoenix Library, and/or other resources, locate a peer-reviewed article about a research study concerning a social and/or behavioral trend that impacts research in the field of psychology. Remember: the article must report on an original research study. Also remember: this article cannot be an article you used in the

Learning Team Week 2 Literature Review assignment.

Using APA format prepare a minimum 1,400-word analysis and a maximum 1,700 word analysis of your selected article in which you address the following items:

a. Summarize comprehensively your selected article.

Include in your summary brief discussions about the following:

1) type of methodology;

2) research question or hypothesis;

3) procedures and methods;

4) data analysis;

5) results.

b. Explain the impact of the trend discussed in your selected article on research in the field of psychology. Back up your discussion with references from the psychological literature you've reviewed about this trend.

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